Global Perspectives on International Student Experiences in Higher Education

Tensions and Issues




higher education, international student experience


In Global Perspectives on International Student Experiences in Higher Education, Dr. Krishna Bista selected 18 studies that present important findings to the field, in which the authors provide examples of how the quality of the international student experience deserves the utmost attention of administrators, faculty, student affairs professionals, and policymakers. The book is divided into four main units, which are described separately in this review.

Author Biography

Kelber Tozini, The George Washington University, USA

KELBER TOZINI is an international doctoral student in the Education and Inequality program at The George Washington University where he is also a teaching assistant in the Masters in International Education Program. He holds an MA in International Higher Education from Boston College and an M.S. in Administration from Universidade do Vale do Rio do Sinos (Brazil). His research interests include the internationalization of Brazilian higher education and the international student experience in U.S. colleges and universities


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