International, Inaccessible, and Incomplete

A Texas Case Study of International Student Websites

Keywords: access, admissions, application, institutional websites, internet


As the number of international students applying to and attending United States institutions of higher education has declined in two consecutive years for the first time in decades (Saul, 2018), several U.S. institutions of higher education are exploring ways to increase international student interest. In Texas specifically, the sociopolitical climate has become increasingly anti-immigrant (Watkins, 2017), leading many international students to question whether study in the U.S. is feasible and safe. As institutional websites have been found to be important sources of international student information (Huang & Bilal, 2017; Taylor & Bicak, 2018), this study examines international student information on institutional websites at all public, four-year institutions in Texas. Findings suggest international student materials are difficult to read, are rarely translated, and lack basic information such as cost of attendance and housing information. Implications for future research and practice are addressed.


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