The Not-So-Easy Road of Overseas Study: Life like an Outsider


  • Yolanda Palmer University of Saskatchewan, Canada



international students, community of practice, sense of belonging and community


Contemplating my graduate student experience overseas, I constantly viewed myself as an isolate, one who did not belong in the new community of practice. I encountered numerous lingua-cultural, academic and social challenges which led to my lack of community and belonging. This paper is a reflection of my experiences as an international graduate student in a Canadian university. Through this reflection, I explore some of my most potent experiences and how these influenced me as I sojourned through the not-so-easy road of study overseas. This paper also describes the processes I used that enabled me to successfully maneuver and negotiate my journey on the not-so easy-road of studying in a post-secondary institution overseas.

Author Biography

Yolanda Palmer, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

YOLANDA PALMER is a sessional lecturer in the college of education at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. Her areas of interest and research include transcultural academic literacies, multilingual and multicultural education, ecology of languages, pedagogies of language, triple learning and lingua-cultural identities. 




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Palmer, Y. (2015). The Not-So-Easy Road of Overseas Study: Life like an Outsider. Journal of International Students, 5(4), 541–544.



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