Understanding of International Doctoral Students’ Challenges

A Literature Review Study





academic success, international doctoral students , internationalization, students’ experience


Studies pertaining to the challenges international doctoral students confront have been disseminated at various conferences and in journals. However, there is a need to synthesize recent research to assess and advance contemporary theories about international doctoral students. Using meta-synthesis, this article discusses the literature’s main themes and the relationship between theory and the literature findings. A new tentative framework is proposed based on the results. Implications for international doctoral students’ academic success are also discussed.

Author Biography

Yan Gao, University of Victoria, Canada

Yan Gao, PhD, is a research associate in the Faculty of Education, University of Victoria in Canada. Her major research interests lie in the area of international students, academic success, cross-cultural education, and higher education research.


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Gao, Y. (2021). Understanding of International Doctoral Students’ Challenges: A Literature Review Study. Journal of International Students, 11(2), 505–513. https://doi.org/10.32674/jis.v11i2.2065



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