What Brings International Students to Norway?

Keywords: international students, Norway, student mobility


Norway has experienced a substantial inflow of students in the 21st century. The number of students with foreign citizenship has increased from just over 5000 in year 2000 to more than 23 000 in 2018 (Fig. 1). This growth may seem like a paradox, given that Norway has few well known higher education institutions (HEIs), high living expenses, a language not widely understood, as a geographical location at the northern fringes of Europe.


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Author Biography

Jannecke Wiers-Jenssen, Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway

JANNECKE WIERS-JENSSEN, PhD, is an associate professor at the Centre for the Study of Professions, Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway. She holds an adjacent position at the Nordic Institute for Studies in Research and Education (NIFU). Her main research interest is international student mobility, but her publications also cover the transition from higher education to work, student assessments of quality, medical education and more.


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