Mississippi’s 2011 Concealed Carry Law:

Analyzing Reported Criminality among Mississippi’s Public Community Colleges

  • Daniel Adrian Doss Jackson State University, USA
  • David Hughes McElreath University of Mississippi, USA
  • Balakrishna Gokaraju North Carolina A&T State University, USA
  • Stephen L. Mallory University of Mississippi, USA
  • Raymond Tesiero North Carolina A&T State University, USA
  • Linda Taylor Jackson State University, USA
  • Qiuqi Hong Guangdong University of Finance, China
  • Don Jones Northwest Mississippi Community College, USA
  • Leisa Stuart McElreath Mississippi Crime Stoppers Council, USA
  • McKenzie Parker University of West Alabama, USA
Keywords: Campus Safety, Clery Act, Community College, Concealed Carry, Firearm, Higher Education, Mississippi


This study examined differences in reported campus criminality on selected community college campuses in the years between 2005 and 2016 representing the years preceding and succeeding the implementation of Mississippi’s 2011 concealed carry legislation. Each campus included in this study was a public-funded community college in Mississippi.  Using a significance level of 0.05 and an analysis of variance approach, the hypothesis testing showed five statistically significant findings reflecting the cases of Copiah-Lincoln, East Central, Jones County, Mississippi Delta, and Northeast Mississippi Community Colleges. Regarding these outcomes, an analysis of the means showed overall lowered crime reports.


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Author Biographies

Daniel Adrian Doss, Jackson State University, USA

Daniel Adrian Doss, Ph.D., is an alumnus of Jackson State University and the Jake Ayers Institute of Research in Urban Higher Education. His professional career included software engineering, systems integration and testing, and analytical positions in both the defense and commercial sectors. Credentials also include Colonel, Mississippi State Guard; graduate of the Lafayette County Law Enforcement Officer's Academy. His education consists of a Ph.D., Jackson State University, D.Litt. et. Phil., University of South Africa; and Ph.D., Northcentral University.  His research interests are in the areas of business administration, criminal justice, and information systems. Email: daniel.a.doss@alumni.jsums.edu

David Hughes McElreath, University of Mississippi, USA

David Hughes McElreath, Ph.D.,  Professor of Criminal Justice, University of Mississippi.  Research interest:  Homeland Security. Law Enforcement History, Military History, Corrections history, and policy.   Email:  dhmcel@olemiss.edu

Balakrishna Gokaraju, North Carolina A&T State University, USA

Dr. Balakrishna Gokaraju, currently works as Associate Director of Visualization and Computation Advancing Research Center and as Associate Professor in Computational Science and Engineering at North Carolina A and T State University. He has been developing the Machine Learning based Artificial Intelligent models for BIG Data Science problems in Satellite Remote Sensing mainly, for the past 15 years. His in-depth experience consists of developing the Spatio-temporal data mining models, integrating data fusion of multi-sensor and multi-angle camera datasets, etc. His recent pursuits are in optimizing the Proportional and Integral control variables for autonomous robotics, and interactive 3-D Virtual-Reality visualizations. Dr. Gokaraju worked in sponsored Grants in the amount equivalent of $ 4.65 Million for 14 projects in his academic experience. Email: bgokaraju@gmail.com

Stephen L. Mallory, University of Mississippi, USA

Stephen L Mallory, Ph.D., CPM, Professor of Legal Studies, University of Mississippi.  Research interest:  Organized Crime,  Police Police and Procedure, Ethics, and Interview and Interrogation.  Email:  smallory@olemiss.edu

Raymond Tesiero, North Carolina A&T State University, USA

Raymond Tesiero, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in the College of Engineering, Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering Department, North Carolina A&T State University. His major research interests lie in the area of building energy system optimization. Email: rctesier@ncat.edu 

Linda Taylor, Jackson State University, USA

Dr. Linda Taylor is a proven public and education strategist for any multi-educational system. She specializes in community engagement, recruitment and retainment, customer service, and workforce development. She has been working as an Education Administrator and  Outreach Specialist for over thirteen years. She has a Ph.D. in Higher Education, a Master’s in Counseling, and a Bachelor’s in Psychology.   She provides services to the underserved communities in Texas.  Her research includes higher education and healthcare.

Qiuqi Hong, Guangdong University of Finance, China

Qiuqi Hong, Teacher of Business Administration, Guangdong University of Finance.  Email: hongqiuqi@126.com

Don Jones, Northwest Mississippi Community College, USA

Dr. Don Jones is the Dean for Lafayette-Yalobusha Technical Center, at Northwest Mississippi Community College. He specializes in team motivation, training, marketing, customer service management, community relations, software integration, transformational leadership, retention, enrollment, entrepreneurial education recruiting and marketing for online and on-campus university programs. He is a proven retention strategist for a multi-campus, multi-state university system, who led double-digit enrollment growth in a multi-state, multi-campus region for 10+ years. Email: dojones@northwestms.edu

Leisa Stuart McElreath, Mississippi Crime Stoppers Council, USA

Leisa Stuart McElreath, Mississippi Crime Stoppers Council.  Research interest:  Recidivism, Crime Prevention, Homeland Security, Corrections, and Correctional policy.  Email:  leisamcelreath@yahoo.com

McKenzie Parker, University of West Alabama, USA

Ms. McKenzie Parker attends Mississippi College School of Law where she is pursuing a Juris Doctorate. At the time of this study, she was a research assistant at the University of West Alabama where she earned a degree in sociology with an emphasis on criminal justice. Her career aspirations are to pursue legal venues in California. Her research interests include legal studies, cybercrime, higher education, and workplace discrimination. Email: mlparker@mc.edu


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