International Students and Community Involvement in Tiffin, Ohio


  • Julie Arnold Heidelberg University, United States
  • Rachel Crooks Tiffin University, United States
  • Joe Moore Tiffin City Schools, United States



Situated in northwest Ohio, Tiffin is a small community of 18,000 residents and is the proud home of two institutions of higher learning: Heidelberg University and Tiffin University. Over the last several years a unique collaboration has developed among the two universities and the community’s International Cultural Center (ICC). As most things do, this partnership began with a single idea and has blossomed into an evergrowing number of events and activities. Working closely together, these three entities have made concerted efforts to integrate the international student body into the greater Tiffin community. In doing so, the city has become “internationalized” in ways that have provided mutual benefits to the community and the international student population.

Author Biographies

Julie Arnold, Heidelberg University, United States

JULIE ARNOLD is the Director of International Affairs & Studies at Heidelberg University, Director of the Heidelberg English Language Institute and Study Abroad Advisor.

Rachel Crooks, Tiffin University, United States

RACHEL CROOKS, M. Hum., is the Director of International Student Advising at Tiffin University and currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Higher Education at the University of Toledo. 

Joe Moore, Tiffin City Schools, United States

JOE MOORE is the director of the International Cultural Center at Tiffin City Schools in Tiffin, Ohio. 




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Arnold, J., Crooks, R., & Moore, J. (2015). International Students and Community Involvement in Tiffin, Ohio. Journal of International Students, 5(1), 101–103.



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