• Founder/Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Krishna Bista, Morgan State University, USA [email]
  • Senior Editor: Dr. Chris R. Glass, Old Dominion University, USA  [email]
  • Senior Copy Editor:  Joy Bancroft,  Emporia State University, USA [email]
  • Managing Editor: Laura Soulsby, Old Dominion University, USA [email]
  • Production Editor: Natalie Cruz, Old Dominion University, USA [email

Contact senior editorial board members with ideas for collaborative projects related to international student studies. 

Editorial Advisory Board (2019-2022)

  1. Dr. David L. Di Maria, Associate Vice Provost for International Education, UMBC, USA
  2. Dr. Aneta Hayes, Director of Programs (UG and MA), Keele University, UK
  3. Dr. Howard Wang, Associate Dean, Duke Kunshan University, China
  4. Dr. Rahul Choudaha, Executive Vice President of Global Engagement & Research, StudyPortals, USA
  5. Dr. Catherine Gomes, Associate Professor, RMIT University, Australia
  6. Dr. Rajika Bhandari, Senior Advisor, Research & Strategy, Institute of International Education, USA
  7. Dr. Helen Forbes-Mewett, Senior Lecturer/Discipline Head, Deputy Director, MMIC Monash University, Australia
  8. Dr. Nigel Harwood, Reader in Applied Linguistics, University of Sheffield, UK
  9. Dr. Anthony C. Ogden, Associate Vice Provost for Global Engagement, University of Wyoming, USA
  10. Dr. Bojana Petric, Head of Dept. of Applied Linguistics & Communication, Birkbeck University of London, UK
  11. Dr. Megan M. Siczek, Assistant Professor and Director of EAP, The George Washington University, USA
  12. Dr. Lily Lei Ye, Associate Professor, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, China
  13. Dr. Ly Tran, Associate Professor, School of Education, Deakin University, Australia
  14. Dr. Lydia Andrade, Professor & Chair, Dept. of Government and Int'l Affairs, University of the Incarnate Word, USA
  15. Dr. Stuart Tannock, Senior Lecturer,  UCL Institute of Education, University College London, UK
  16. Dr. Lien Pham, Lecturer, Graduate Research School, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
  17. Dr. Janet Ilieva, Founder/Director, Education Insight, UK
  18. Dr. Yingyi Ma, Associate Professor, Director of Asian/Asian America Studies, Syracuse University, USA

Associate/Section Editors

  1. Dr. Anesa Hosein, Lecturer, Dept. of Higher Education, University of Surrey, UK
  2. Dr. CindyAnn Rose-Redwood, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Geography, University of VictoriaCanada
  3. Dr. Christina W. Yao, Assistant Professor, Educational Administration, University of Nebraska- Lincoln, USA
  4. Dr. Helen Forbes-Mewett, Senior Lecturer, Sociology and Interdisciplinary Research, Monash University, Australia
  5. Dr. Reuben Rose-Redwood, Associate Professor, Dept. of Geography, University of Victoria, Canada
  6. Dr. Vera V. Chapman, Career Advisor, Institutional Adv. & Career Initiatives,  Colgate University, USA
  7. Dr. Yi Leaf Zhang, Associate Professor, Higher Education, University of Texas at Arlington, USA
  8. Dr. Yingyi Ma, Associate Professor, Director of Asian/Asian America Studies, Syracuse University, USA
  9. Dr. Nelson Brunsting, Director of Global Research & Assessment, Wake Forest University, USA 
  10.  Dr. Hugo Garcia, Texas Tech University, USA

Consulting Editors

  1. Dr. Diana B. Carlin, Saint Louis University, USA
  2. Dr. Peggy GesingEastern Virginia Medical School, USA
  3.  Dr. Uttam Gaulee, Morgan State University, USA
  4. Dr. Rosalind L. Raby, California Colleges for International Education, USA
  5. Dr. Danilo M. BaylenUniversity of West Georgia, USA
  6. Dr. David Comp, Columbia College Chicago, USA
  7. Dr. Dorota Silber-FurmanTennessee Tech University, USA
  8. Dr. Gina J. MarianoTroy University, USA 
  9. Dr. Jiaqi LiWichita State University, USA
  10.  Dr. Keri Dutkiewicz, Davenport University, USA
  11.  Dr. Lisa Kahle-PiaseckiTiffin Univesity, USA
  12. Dr. Ji ZhouUSC Marshall School of Business, USA
  13.  Dr. Luchen Li, Northeastern University, USA
  14.  Dr. Miguel H. López,  California State University, San Bernardino, USA
  15. Dr. Mingsheng Li, Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand
  16.  Dr. M. O. ThirunarayananFlorida International University, USA
  17. Dr. Nicholas D. HartlepMetropolitan State University USA
  18. Dr. Sandria Officer University of Toronto, Canada
  19. Dr. Steven FraibergMichigan State University, USA
  20. Dr. Sherrie Lee, University of Waikato, New Zealand
  21. Dr. Shyam Sharma, Stony Brook University, USA

Copy Editors

• Joy Bancroft, Daytona State Collage, USA
• Dr. Barry Fass-Holmes, University of California, San Diego, USA
• Dr. Keenan Manning, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
• Dr. Minghui Hou, Idaho State University, USA
• Dr. Dorota Silber-Furman, Tennessee Tech University, USA
• Dr. Linda Tsevi, University of Ghana, Ghana
• Dr. Vianna Renaud, Bournemouth University, UK
• Dr. Caroline Wekullo, Texas A&M University, USA
• Dr. Jing Xiaoli, McGill University, Canada

Special Issue  Editors

• Dr. CindyAnn Rose-Redwood and Dr. Reuben Rose-Redwood, University of Victoria, Canada [Special issue on integration and engagement 2018 Volume 8 Issue 2]
• Dr. Christina W. Yao, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and Dr. Chrystal A. George Mwangi, University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA [Special issue on the role of student affairs 2017 Volume 8 Issue 4]
• Dr. Rahul Choudaha, DrEducation, USA [Special issue on international student success 2016 Volume 6 Issue 4]

Book Review & Reflection Editors

(Section Editor: Dr.Yi Luo, Harvey Mudd College, yluo@hmc.edu)

Joy Bancroft, Daytona State Collage, USA 
• Ms. Kerri Bennett, Arkansas State University, USA
• Dr. Misato Yamaguchi, Georgia Regents University, USA
• Dr. Paige E. Sindt, The Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, USA

Peer-Review Board (None of us is as smart as all of us):

• Ms. Aaradhya Srivastava, Lovely Professional University, India (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Akramul Haque, Thammasat University, Thailand (2/2018-2/2021)
• Mr. Adam Grimm, Michigan State University, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Adem Soruc, Sakarya University, Turkey (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Adriana Encinas, U. Autonoma de Madrid, Spain (2nd term 2/2018-2/2021) +
• Mr. Alexis Croffie, Texas Tech University, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Alex Kumi-Yeboah*, SUNY at Albany, USA (second term 2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Allenda Zionch*, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Allison BrckaLorenz, Indiana University, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Amanda E. Brunson, Illinois State University, USA (7/2017-7/2020) +
• Dr. Amir Alakaam, University of North DakotaUSA (1/2018-1/2021)
• Dr. Amir Reza, Babson College, USA (1/2018-1/2021)
• Dr. Amy Dagley, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA (1/2018-1/2021)
• Dr. Rudy F. Daling, Surigao del Sur State University-San Miguel Campus, Philippines (1/2018-1/2021)
• Ms. Ann-Margaret J. Themistocleous, Anderson University, USA (1/2018-1/2021)
• Ms. Anna Beketova, Ural Federal University, Russia (1/2018-1/2021)
• Dr. Anh Le, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA (Second term 2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Arlene S. Young*, Centenary College, NJ, USA (Second term 2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Bala Nikku, Nepal School of Social Work, Nepal (1/2018-1/2021)
• Dr. Barry Fass-Holmes, University of California San Diego, USA (1/2018-1/2021)
• Ms. Bettina Baldt, University of Vienna, Austria (1/2018-1/2021)
• Dr. Bo Chang, Ball State University, USA (1/2018-1/2021)
• Dr. Caitlin Faas*, Mount St. Mary’s University, USA (second term 2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Carine Ullom, Ottawa University, USA (6/2018-6/2021)
• Dr. Carol Ashong, Georgia State University, USA (1/2018-1/2021)
• Dr. Carolyn Walker, University of Exeter, UK (1/2018-1/2021)
• Dr. Carrie Anne Thomas, Purdue University, USA (1/2018-1/2021)
• Mr. Chanwoong Baek, Columbia University, USA (1/2018-1/2021)
• Dr. Charles Myers, Eastern Kentucky University, USA (1/2018-1/2021)
• Dr. Chen Wang, University of Ottawa, Canada (1/2018-1/2021)
• Dr. Cheryl DuBose,  Arkansas State University, USA (1/2018-1/2021)
• Dr. Christine Fiorite, Joliet Junior College, USA (1/2018-1/2021)
• Dr. Christopher Sullivan, University of MO St. Louis, USA (1/2018-1/2021)
• Dr. Christof Van Mol, Tilburg University, the Netherlands (1/2018-1/2021)
• Dr. Cindy Aamlid, Southwest Minnesota State University, USA (1/2018-1/2021)
• Dr. Clayton Smith, University of Windsor, Canada (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Daljit Kaur, Francis Marion University, USA (1/2018-1/2021)
• Dr. Dan Dickman, Ivy Tech Community College, USA (1/2018-1/2021)
• Mr. David Lausch, University of Wyoming, USA (1/2018-1/2021)
• Dr. David Pang*, University of Auckland, New Zealand (second term 2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Doaa Rashed, University of Maryland Baltimore County, USA (1/2018-1/2021)
• Dr. David Starr-Glass, SUNY Empire State College, USA (2nd term 1/2018-1/2021) +
• Dr. Deborah Sipe, Chemeketa Community College, USA (1/2018-1/2021)
• Ms. Dina Ghazzzawi, University of Houston, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Dongmei Li, University of Texas at Austin, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Dorota Silber-Furman, Tennessee Tech University, USA (1/2018-1/2021)
• Dr. Elena Yakunina*, University at Buffalo, USA (2nd term-2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Emma Bird, University of the West of England, UK (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Emmanuel Akanwa, Central Michigan University, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Enakshi Sengupta, American U. of Kurdistan, Iraq (Second term 2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Eunjin Hwang, Sam Houston State University, USA (2nd term, 1/2018-1/2021) +
• Dr. Ewnetu Tamene, Zhejiang Normal University, China (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Farid Safarmamad, Old Dominion University, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Ms. Feba Thomas, VIT University, India (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Fjujan Tan, Morehead State University, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Gareth Phillips, University of Technology, Jamaica (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Gabriela Valdez, University of Arizona, USA (Second term 2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Gina J. Mariano, Troy University, USA (2nd term 2/2018-2/2021) +
• Dr. Gwendolyn Williams, University of West Florida, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Haijun Kang*, Kansas State University, USA (Second term 2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Hannah Covert, Tulane University, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Heather Carmack, University of Alabama, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Hugo Gonzales, University of Notre Dame, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Howard Martyn, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, China
• Dr. Huei-Chen Helena Yeh,  St. John’s University, Taiwan (Second term 2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Ian Lértora, Texas Tech University USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Injung Lee, University of Iowa, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. James Dorsett, Michigan State University, USA (7/2017-7/2020)
• Dr. Jane Rosenthal*, Keck Graduate Institute, USA (Second term 2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Jared Lau, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Jason Li, Wichita State University, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Jasper Hsieh, UNSW Sydney, Australia (1/2018-1/2021)
• Dr. Jeevan Khanal, Institute for Frontier Studies, Korea (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Jeff Koloze, Notre Dame College, USA (Second term 2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Jeff C. Davis, Kent State University, USA (7/2017-7/2020)
• Dr. Jennifer Hoyte, Florida Int. University, USA (Second term 2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Jiali Luo*, Duke University, USA (Second term 2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Jie Zheng, East China Normal University, China (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Jin Hwang, Sam H. State University, USA (second term 2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Joey Walter, Arkansas State University, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Jose Cristina M. Parina, De La Salle U. Philippines (Second term 2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Juanjuan Zhao, University of Cincinnati, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Mr. Jun Mian Chen, Brock University, Canada (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Kakali Bhattacharya, Kansas State University (4/2018-4/2021)
• Dr. Kenneth Hayes, Shangqiu Institute of Technology, China (2/2018-2/2021) +
• Dr. Khanh Tran, Asia Pacific International College, Australia (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Kris Aric Knisely*, Emory University, USA (Second term 2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Kristy Modrow, St. Cloud State University, USA (7/2017-7/2020)
• Dr. Leah Gustilo, De La Salle University, the Philipines (2/2018-2/2021)
• Ms. Leanne Moore, Abilene Christian University, USA ((2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Lesley Robinson, Colorado State University, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Libi Shen, University of Phoenix, USA (Second term 2/2018-2/2021)
• Ms. Lili Yang, University of Oxford, UK (1/2019-2/2022)
• Ms. Lisa Unangst, Boston College, USA (5/2018-5/20121)
• Dr. Linda Tsevi, University of Ghana, Ghana (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Ling Gao LeBeau, West Carolina University, USA (second term 2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. L. G. Michael Brown, University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA (7/2017-7/2020)
• Dr. Lisa Kahle-Piasecki, Tiffin University, USA (Second term 2/2018-2/2021)
• Ms. Lu (Wendy) Yan, Iowa State University, USA (5/2018-5/2021)
• Dr. Manjet K. M. Singh, University Sains Malaysia, Penang (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Martha Vungkhanching, Cal. State U., Fresno, USA (Second term 2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Michelle E. Bartlett, North Carolina State University, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Ms. Mila Arden, Victoria University, Australia (7/1/2017-7/1/2020)

• Dr.  Mousumi Mukherjee, O.P. Jindal Global University, India (4/2019-5/2022)
• Dr. Namrata Rao, Liverpool Hope University (12/2018-01/2021)
• Ms. Nancy Li Will, University of Washington, USA (second term, 2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Nelson Brunsting, Wake Forest University, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Oriana Johnson, North Carolina State University, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Osman Ozturgut, University of the Incarnate Word, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Ourania Katsara, University of Patras, Greece (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Paul Branscum, Miami University, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Peggy Gesing, Old Dominion University, USA (1/2/2018-1/2/2021)
• Dr. Prabin Shrestha, Norvic International Hospital, Nepal (1/2/2018-1/2/2021)
• Dr. Prashanti Chennamsetti, Texas A&M University, USA (1/2/2018-1/2/2021)
• Dr. Rashmi Sharma, University of West Florida, USA (1/2/2018-1/2/2021)
• Dr. Rebecca Hammer, International Baccalaureate, the Netherlands (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Regine Lambrech, International Education Consulting, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Ricardo Gonzalez-Carriedo, University of North Texas, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Mr. Roger Anderson, Ohio State University, USA (Second term 1/2/2018-1/2/2021) +
• Mr. Roy Y. Chan, Indiana University, USA (Second term 2/2018-2/2021)
• Mr. Ruhi Can Alkin, Necmettin Erbakan University, Turkey (11/2017-11/2020)
• Dr. Rukhsana Ahmed, University at Albany, SUNY (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Sagar Athota, University of Notre Dame, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Mr. Samar Aldhahari, University of Memphis, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Samit D. Bordoloi, Western Washington University, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Mr. Santiago Castiello-Gutierrez, University of Arizona, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Sanoya Amienyi, Arkansas State University, USA (second term 2/2018-2/2021)
• Ms. Sarah Nutter, University of Calgary, Canada  (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Sean Roberson, Morgan State University, USA (1/2018-1/2021)
• Ms. Sherrie Lee, University of Waikato, New Zealand (2/2018-2/2021)
• Ms. Soni Adhikari, Stony Brook University, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Sora H. Friedman, SIT Graduate Institute, USA (3/2017-3/2020)
• Dr. Stephanie Kim, Georgetown University, USA (4/2018-4/2021)
• Dr. Susan Boafo-Arthur, Assumption College, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Svitlana Taraban-Gordon*, U. of Waterloo, Canada (Second term 2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Takahiro Sato, Kent State University, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Tara Madden-Dent, Sierra Nevada College, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Terra Gargano, American University, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Ms. Tiffanie Ho, Univesity of Louisiana at Monroe, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Ms. Xi Lin, Auburn University, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Xun Liu, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Yao Fu, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Yi (Leaf) Zhang, University of Texas at Arlington, USA (3/2018-3/2021)
• Ms. Yibo Yang, Murdoch University, Australia (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Yingyi Ma, Syracuse University, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Yolanda Palmer-Clarke, University of Saskatchewan, Canada (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Yue Dang, University of Akron, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Yukari Amos,  Central Washington University, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Mr. Zachary Taylor, University of Texas at Austin, USA (2/2018-2/2021)
• Dr. Zheng Zhu*, New York City College of Technology, USA (Second term 2/2018-2/2021)
• Stella Wang, Illinois State University, USA (2/2019-2/2022)

*  Editor’s Choice Award Recipient reviewer (2014)

**Editor’s Choice Award Recipient associate editor (2014)

Editor’s Choice Award Recipient reviewer (2/2018)

Former Guest Editors: 

• Dr. Catherine MontgomeryUniversity of Hull, UK [2013 Vol 3 Issue 2]
• Dr. Erlenawati Sawir, Central Queensland University, Australia [2013 Vol 3 Issue 1]
• Dr. Susan C. Pearce, East Carolina University, USA [2013 Volume 3 Issue 1]

Past Editorial Advisory Board Members

• Dr.  Cate Gribble, RMIT University, Australia

Dr. Amany Saleh, Arkansas State University, USA

Dr. Janet Ilieva, Education Insight, UK
• Dr. Amy DagleyUniversity of Alabama Birmingham, USA
• Dr. Charlotte Foster, Missouri Western State University, USA
• Dr. Don Jones Belhaven University, USA

• Dr. Russ Hannah, Arkansas State University, USA