About the Journal

The Journal of International Students (JIS) is a quarterly publication on international education. JIS is an academic, interdisciplinary, and peer-reviewed publication (Print ISSN 2162-3104 & Online ISSN 2166-3750) indexed in major academic databases. The journal publishes scholarly peer-reviewed articles on international students in tertiary education, secondary education, and other educational settings that make significant contributions to research, policy, and practice in the internationalization of education worldwide.

We encourage the submission of manuscripts from researchers and practitioners around the world from a myriad of academic fields and theoretical perspectives, including international education, comparative education, human geography, global studies, linguistics, psychology, sociology, communication, international business, economics, social work, cultural studies, and other related disciplines.

The journal publishes research on international students, as well as refugee, undocumented, and other immigrant student populations at private, public, and for-profit secondary and higher education institutions. We are especially interested in submissions which mark a new and demonstratively significant advancement in research on international students on topics such as:

  • Cross-cultural studies of acculturation, intergroup relations, and intercultural communication
  • Career preparation, employability, and career outcomes of short- and long-term mobility
  • Development of international student social networks
  • Emerging trends related to the mobility of international students and scholars
  • English-mediated instruction (EMI), second language acquisition (L2), or use of non-native and heritage languages
  • Experiences of globally mobile LGBTQ+ students and other student populations
  • Geopolitical perspectives and policies related to international students and other immigrants seeking education
  • Global learning involving diverse people collaboratively analyzing and addressing complex problems that transcend borders
  • International faculty, teaching assistants, and postdoctoral researchers
  • New educational contexts that involve the use of emerging technologies and online learning
  • International student experiences in transnational higher education providers and programs
  • Recruitment, retention, transfer, support, belonging, and student success
  • Short- and long-term study abroad and study away programs

Submissions that focus on under-researched aspects of the field, as well as regions, countries, contexts, or populations about which little is known are of particular interest. Submissions that include under-utilized theories, such as Postcolonial Theory, Southern Epistemologies, Indigenous Scholarships, or new frameworks, discourses, and methodologies are also encouraged. The journal publishes quantitative and qualitative empirical research and reviews of research literature. Both full length papers and brief reports are published with high priority given to manuscripts that offer critical perspectives that join theory and research.

Publish With Us

JIS is targeted at publishing the most influential research on international students in the world to a multidisciplinary audience:

  • High ranking: Rigorous peer review of your research in a top-ranked journal in international education and higher education.
  • World-wide representation: More than 300 scholars based in 45+ countries have submitted and published articles in the journal. More than half of our articles include authors from Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, and South America.
  • 'Online first' publishing: We aim to provide initial decisions within 90 days from new manuscript submission and publish accepted manuscripts in 'Online First' format within 60 days after acceptance.
  • Global exposure: The combination of ranking, open-access, and indexing in all major academic databases increases the discoverability and citation of your work.