Multicultural Education as a Framework for Educating English Language Learners


  • Jerry Parker Southeastern Louisiana University



english as a second language, foreign language education, multicultural education, english language learners


This article discusses the value of multicultural education as a framework for guiding the teaching and learning process in post-secondary education. The focus centers on English Language Learners in the United States throughout all disciplines. An analysis of the five dimensions of Critical Multicultural Education (Banks, 2019) is given along with further commentary on key areas of focus to best guide both English Language Learners and native-born students to a better understanding of the course content and each other. The ideas from this article serve as a starting place for faculty members and higher education administrators  from all over the world and across disciplines who seek to re-conceptualize their classrooms and/or the college or university experience  to accommodate the ever-diversifying population of students via research in multicultural education.


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Author Biography

Jerry Parker, Southeastern Louisiana University

Jerry L. Parker, Ed.D. is an instructor in the Department of World Languages and Cultures at Southeastern Louisiana University (Hammond, La). He also serves as the Undergraduate Program Coordinator and Director of the Foreign Language Resource Center. His research expertise includes Curriculum Leadership, Instructional Leadership, Multicultural Education, Foreign Language Education, Louisiana Studies, and Caribbean Studies. His research agenda focuses on understanding in what ways curriculum and instruction affect the educational success of diverse groups of learners in academic K-16 foreign language education. Additionally, he focuses on multicultural aspects of Caribbean Literature and Louisiana Culture.

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