Peer Review Process

The Journal of School Administration Research and Development uses a double-blind review process, as we ensure that both the reviewer and author name(s) are not revealed to one another. Each manuscript is assigned to two or more reviewers. Reviewers provide a complete, fair, thoughtful evaluation of manuscripts to ensure all published work meets the goals of the journal.

High priority is given to manuscripts that mark a new and demonstratively significant advancement in research on educational leaders by:

  • focusing on under-researched aspects of the field
  • using under-utilized theories, new frameworks, discourses, and methodologies 
  • joining research and practice

Reviewers evaluate manuscripts based on the following criteria:

  • Significance: Does the manuscript represent a new and demonstratively significant advancement in research on international students? 
  • Review of Literature: Does the manuscript include a well-organized and analytical review of relevant  literature? Does the manuscript use a clear and well-developed theoretical/conceptual framework?
  • Research Design: Does the manuscript reflect appropriate design and methodology? Does the manuscript reflect high quality data and analysis?
  • Discussion: Does the discussion and conclusion highlight the relevance of the findings for research, policy, and practice?
  • Style: Is the manuscript clear, logical, and concise? Does the manuscript follow APA publication guidelines?


Based on the feedback from the reviewers, the editors will make one of the following decisions:

  • Decline Submission: The manuscript is unsuitable for publication in the journal.
  • Resubmit for Review (major revisions):  The manuscript has potential for publication but significant revisions are required before publication can be considered.
  • Revisions Required (minor revisions): The manuscript has potential for publication but specific revisions should be made before publication can be considered.
  • Accept Submission: The manuscript can proceed to the next stage of the editorial process without any further edits.

The most common recommendations for manuscripts upon first review are Decline Submission and Resubmit for Review. We aim to provide initial decisions within 90 days from new manuscript submission, although peer review may take more or less time depending on the circumstances.


If a manuscript is accepted for publication, all authors complete Terms of Agreement. By signing these terms of agreement, authors release all copyrights to the Journal of School Administration Research and Development. We aim to publish accepted manuscripts within 120 days after acceptance.