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Vol. 8 No. 2 (2023): Fall Issue
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The 2023 Fall Issue explores details of educational change, health in schools, caregiver roles, and grading––all from the lens of educational leadership.

Whether you're an educational leader, researcher, or policymaker, we cordially invite you to peruse, scan, and share the six articles that comprise the issue––each of which address a different dimension of K-12 educational leadership. And as always, JSARD is open-access, so no fees are required to access the research.

Published: 2023-10-26
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The Journal of School Administration Research and Development (JSARD) (ISSN: 2470-850X, online & ISSN: 2470-8496, print) is an open-access, peer-reviewed academic journal that supports the development and dissemination of research and scholarship in the area of K-12 school administration and leadership. 

Founded in 2016, JSARD’s mission is to publish and disseminate relevant, high-quality literature in educational leadership in order to empower researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to improve K-12 schools. The journal focuses primarily on schools within the United States; however, we also welcome articles on K-12 education from around the world that have wide implications, regardless of the educational setting.  JSARD publishes at least twice annually.