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Vol. 9 No. 1 (2024): Spring Issue
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We are pleased to present JSARD's 2024 Spring Issue: Volume 9, Issue 1. This issue includes a range of article types, including two research articles, two essay/commentary articles, a literature review, and a best practice article.

The first research article addresses the predictive power of early high school grades, while the second focuses on hope and school leadership in elementary school. A literature review explores the literature on communications directors and public relations officials in public school districts. The essay/commentary articles explore lessons learned from equity leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic and bilingual methods to support Black language. Finally, the best practice article provides a look into a community collaborative intervention program for middle school students.

We invite you to read, reflect, and share ideas presented within these articles in an effort to effectively lead and improve K-12 school communities. 

Published: 2024-04-18
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The Journal of School Administration Research and Development (JSARD) (ISSN: 2470-850X, online & ISSN: 2470-8496, print) is an open-access, peer-reviewed academic journal that supports the development and dissemination of research and scholarship in the area of K-12 school administration and leadership. 

Founded in 2016, JSARD’s mission is to publish and disseminate relevant, high-quality literature in educational leadership in order to empower researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to improve K-12 schools. The journal focuses primarily on schools within the United States; however, we also welcome articles on K-12 education from around the world that have wide implications, regardless of the educational setting.  JSARD publishes at least twice annually.