Boyz n the Hood and the Marginalization of Black Adolescent Males


  • Le Shorn S. Benjamin Central Michigan University



black adolescent males, Critical Race Theory, marginalization, social justice


John Singleton’s Boyz n the Hood debuted over 25 years ago to critical acclaim and compelling cultural relevance. Underscored by several social justice principles, the film highlights the socioeconomic challenges that ravaged low-income, Black communities during the 80s and early 90s. As a critical examination of Boyz n the Hood, this film review explores the movie’s representation of ineffective policing in black communities; the school-to-prison pipeline for students of color; the shortage of basic necessities for underprivileged children; and the importance of intentional parenting in child development. The article then discusses the implications of these social issues on the Black adolescent males featured in the film and closes with hypothetical solutions for minimizing their marginalized experiences.


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Author Biography

Le Shorn S. Benjamin, Central Michigan University

LE SHORN S. BENJAMIN, M.S.Ed., is an Educational Leadership doctoral student at Central Michigan University. Her research explores marginalized experiences of underrepresented minorities and the career pathways of Ph.D. degree holders. Email:






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