Successful Black Males at a Hispanic Serving Community


  • Jonelle Knox College of Staten Island – CUNY



Black males, community colleges, Hispanic serving institutions, minority male initiatives


The purpose of this qualitative multiple case study was to understand experiences of Black males who successfully graduated from a northeast Hispanic serving community college (HSCC). The local model of successful minority students (LMSMS) was used as the conceptual framework for this study. There were two groups of participants, Black males who participated in a minority male initiative program and Black males who did not. The findings revealed that: 1) Black males at the HSCC faced both internal and external barriers that impeded their persistence to graduation, 2) Black male student engagement with similar peers and in cohort programs improved persistence and graduation, 3) Black males who created an internal “family” that encompassed faculty, peers, and staff at the institution were able to persist to graduation, 4) the lack of organization at the institution was a discouragement that Black males had to overcome to successfully persist to graduation.


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Author Biography

Jonelle Knox, College of Staten Island – CUNY

JONELLE KNOX, Ed.D, is an Associate Higher Education Officer at the College of Staten Island and an Assistant Adjunct Professor at Bronx Community College. His research interest includes minority male success in post-secondary education and educational programs for formerly incarcerated populations. Email: