Microfinance Services and Women Empowerment in Biratnagar Metropolitan, Nepal


  • Bandana Kumari Jain Trubhuvan University, Nepal




microfinance services, women empowerment, microfinance institutions


This article examines how far microfinancing services positively affect the empowerment of Nepali women living in the eastern part of Nepal. A purposive sampling method was used and responses of 97 women were collected through structured questionnaires. The women were using microfinance services on their own and at least from the last three years. Results indicate that the use of microfinance services (credit and saving) helps women to empower. Easy access to financial services and satisfaction with the loan payment period causes no difference in the improvement of women’s empowerment. Saving service is significantly associated with women’s household decision-making, major decision-making in the domestic context, and availability of basic household needs. Microfinance services contribute to women’s socio-economic empowerment and their children’s education.


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Author Biography

Bandana Kumari Jain, Trubhuvan University, Nepal

Bandana Kumari Jain, Ph.D. scholar, is a Lecturer in the Post-Graduate Campus, Department of Management, Tribhuvan University, Nepal. Her major research interests lie in the area of women empowerment, entrepreneurship, and business ethics Email: bandana.jain@pgc.tu.edu.np/bandanajain5@gmail.com