The Meaning of Video Gameplay

A Case Study of Three Black African Immigrant Students in the U.S.

  • Rebecca Y. Bayeck Schomburg Research Center in Black Culture, USA
Keywords: Black African, immigrants, students, United States, video game, video gameplay, video game choice


Reseaech  on African immigrant students video gameplay is still in its infancy . Yet,  the popularity of video games among college students in the United States suggest that African immigrant students may be video game players. This paper explores the video gameplay of three Black African immigrant students at an institution of higher education. This  study draws on research on immigrants use of media and on video game literature to  analyze the participants ‘experiences. This exploratory qualitative case study of three Black African immigrant students uses semi-structured interviews as the primary data collection technique. The findings show that gameplay was a means to adjust to the new environment, a way to preserve identity, and ensure cultural continuity.


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Author Biography

Rebecca Y. Bayeck, Schomburg Research Center in Black Culture, USA

Rebecca Y. Bayeck is a post-doc at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, New York, USA. Her major research interests include literacies, learning in games  (e.g., video and board games), the design of inclusive learning environments, and the interplay of gender, culture, and the context in learning spaces.