The Hard Path of Becoming a Visiting Scholar in the U.S.

  • Margherita Daho' University of Messina, Italy
Keywords: international students, visiting scholar, exchange experience;


With globalization and the continual growth of studies abroad, many Ph.D. students apply to move to other countries for an exchange experience. Many students select the United States as their preferred destination, attracted by the perceived better quality of education. The United States also tries to attract international students to its colleges and universities. However, becoming a visiting scholar is very hard and takes considerable time. Applications and bureaucracy are cumbersome and major support is required, especially for international students. This article is a reflection on my experience planning an exchange experience in the United States during my Ph.D. I also offer recommendations for improving the experiences of international visiting scholars.


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Author Biography

Margherita Daho', University of Messina, Italy

Margherita Daho’, LCP, M.S., M.A., Ph.D. student, at the Department of Cognitive Sciences, Psychology, Educational and Cultural Studies (COSPECS), University of Messina, Italy; Her major research interests lie in the area of moral reasoning, clinical ethics, end-of-life period, and clinical and health psychology. Email: