Editorial Team

  • Founder/Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Uttam Gaulee, Morgan State University, USA 
  • Senior Editor: Dr. Daya Singh Sandhu, Lindsey Wilson College, USA 
  • Senior Copy Editor:  Joy Bancroft,  Emporia State University, USA [email]

Editorial Advisory Board

Dr. Glenda Prime, Morgan State University, USA
Dr. Joseph Drew, Morgan State University, USA
Dr. Leah Hollis, Morgan State University, USA
Dr. Anita Hawkins, Morgan State University, USA

Associate/Section Editors

Dr. Shyam Sharma, Stony Brook University

Dr. Mousumi Mukherji, O.P. Jindal Global University, India
Dr. Antigoni Papadimitriou, Johns Hopkins University 

Dr. Benjamin Welsh, Morgan State University
Dr. Roni Ellington, Morgan State University
Dr. Sean Robinson, Morgan State University
Dr. Dia Sekayi, Morgan State University
Dr. Thurman Bridges, Morgan State University
Dr. Robin Spaid, Morgan State University
Dr. Russell Davis, Morgan State University
Dr. Kofi Fred Boateng, University of Ghana
Dr. Ramon B. Goings, Loyola University Maryland
Dr. Henry Linck, Morgan State University
Dr. Jeevan Khanal, Nepal Open University

Dr. Hoa N. Nguyen, Valdosta State University



Production & Management Editors

Wilbur Hicks, Morgan State University, USA

Carla R. Jackson, Morgan State University, USA
Shahinaz Alkhaldi, Morgan State University, USA



Call for Editorial Board Members

Journal of Underrepresented and Minority Progress (JUMP) is seeking scholars interested in joining the Editorial Board. If you are a scholar who believes in creating a meaningful, intentional, and actionable scholarship forum that aims to advance social justice, please email a letter of intent and a copy of your CV to our Managing Editor Ms. Khadijah Ali-Coleman at khali1@morgan.edu.

JUMP features narratives, theoretical and empirically-based research articles, reflections, and book reviews relevant to the progress of minority and underrepresented populations in and across social and national contexts. The Journal encourages the submission of manuscripts by scholars and practitioners in any relevant academic fields, including sociology, psychology, higher education, philosophy, and cultural studies.

If you are interested in serving as a reviewer, please fill out this form.