Call for Multidisciplinary Papers/Abstracts


As a pioneering multilingual journal, JIS is committed to deepening the understanding of internationalization complexities within global higher education. We welcome submissions from a wide array of academic disciplines. Researchers, educators, and policymakers worldwide are encouraged to contribute their insights and findings. Relevant fields include international and comparative education, law, policy, economics, global studies, cultural studies, human geography, sociology, linguistics, cross-cultural and counseling psychology, social work, and STEM education. 

Suggested areas and topics include but are not limited to:

Area #1: International Relations and Global Education: Strategies and Policy 

Area #2: Innovations in Teaching and Learning in Global Contexts

Area #3: Student Mobility, Experience, and Integration

Area #4: Internationalization, Rankings, and Student Mobility

Area #5: Resilience and Innovation in International Student Recruitment Amidst Global Challenges

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Published: 2024-01-19

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