Cross-Border Narratives

Cross Border Narrative (1,000-2,500 words) articles are analytical reflections on culture, language, people, and society. Submissions should use narrative reflection to explore where experience is aligned with, extends, or problematizes extant theory and research.

Cross-Border Narratives (CBN) submissions focus on diverse aspects of the multifaceted experiences of faculty, students, or scholars. The list of potential areas of research listed in the journal’s aims and scope can also also be utilized as topical guidelines for CBNs. Authors are strongly encouraged to write about their experiences through a transnational lens, as opposed to a one-way and one-dimensional focus.

CBNs are expected to have a strong theoretical framework that guides the narrative - it should extend beyond simple storytelling or re-hashing a common experience. Submissions should further the research on international students and education, particularly with a focus on critical discourses, critiquing hegemonic structures, and challenging neocolonial and neo racist institutions.

Submissions are strongly encouraged that highlight marginalized people including women, people of color, those from the Global South, displaced migrants, refugees, and those from under-researched contexts. Additionally, collaborative submissions are encouraged with authors from different contexts.

CBN submissions should be theoretically, structurally, and conceptually sound, but will typically utilize fewer (10 or less) references.

CBNs follow the same rigorous double-masked peer review process, and authors should follow the same submission guidelines as full research articles in the journal.

Interested authors are welcome to informally discuss their article idea with the section editor prior to submission if they have questions or are unclear about the expectations of the submission. Potential authors are also strongly encouraged to review prior published articles (formerly known as ‘Study Abroad Reflections’) to understand the expected quality of the submission.

Visit our Contact Us page to email our Cross-Border Narratives section editor. Please include in your message a title and a few sentences of description about your topic idea for feedback.