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Routledge Studies in Global Student Mobility Series

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This Routledge Series offers a scholarly forum for original and innovative research to understand the issues and challenges as well as share the best practices related to international student mobility in K-12 and beyond, education abroad, and exchange programs globally that creates a professional network of researchers and practitioners.

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Series Co-Editors, Chris R. Glass ( and Krishna Bista (


Published Titles/In Print

  • Inequalities in Study Abroad and Student Mobility (Contact Editors – Suzan Kommers <>, Krishna Bista <>)
  • Student Mobilities from the Global South  (Contact Editors – Carola Bauschke-Urban <>, Dorina Dedgjoni <>)
  • Critical Perspectives on Equity and Social Mobility in Study Abroad: Interrogating Issues of Unequal Access and Outcomes (Editors – Chris Glass  <> Peggy Gesing) <>
  • International Faculty Experience at Colleges and Universities (Editors – Chris Glass> Xi Lin <>, Krishna Bista <>)

Books (Chapters/Proposal finalized- not accepting new proposals)

  • Constructions of (Inter-)national Students in the Middle East: Comparative Critical Perspectives (Editor - Aneta Hayes <> Sally Findlow <>)
  • International Student Support and Engagement (Contact Editors – Mutiara Mohamad, <>, Janet Boyd <>)
  • Online Teaching and Learning in Higher Education during COVID-19: International Perspectives and Experiences (Contact Editors -Roy Chan <> Ryan Allen, <>, Krishna Bista <>)
  • International Students in Community Colleges, (Editors - Gregory Malveaux et al)
  • Impact of COVID-19 on Global Student Mobility and Higher Education (Contact Editors -- Krishna Bista <>, Ryan Allen <>, Roy Chan <>)
  • Rethinking Internationalization and International Education at HBCUs (Contact Editors -- Krishna Bista <> Anthony Pinder <>)

Books (still accepting proposals)


How to submit a proposal or chapter?

Scholars interested in contributing a chapter to a book in the Routledge Studies in Global Mobility series are invited to submit a brief proposal directly via this form or directly to the title editors (not the series editors). All selected proposals will be invited to write full chapters by the editors. All chapters will go through standard review process before a decision is made.