Is it a Trump Bump, Spike, or Plateau?

India’s Changing Interest in Canadian versus U.S. Universities


  • David Yerger Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA
  • Manaswita Choudhary Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA



enrollment management, foreign students, higher education marketing, student recruitment


This article assesses changing interest from India in Canadian versus U.S. universities since the 2016 U.S. presidential election, as measured by search activity reports from Google Trends. The findings indicate a rise in Indian interest toward Canadian versus U.S. universities was underway before the election. After controlling for this trend effect, there remains widespread evidence of a substantial shift in interest toward Canadian universities with search activity rising 70%–85% for Canadian versus U.S. universities in the postelection period. This shift in interest toward Canadian universities shows no sign of dissipating. Canadian universities are likely to make further enrollment gains of Indian students versus U.S. counterparts in upcoming recruiting classes.

Author Biographies

David Yerger, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA

DAVID YERGER, PhD, is a Professor in the Department of Economics at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. His major research interests include Canadian studies, linkages between higher education and labor market outcomes, and the evolution of higher education in the United States.

Manaswita Choudhary, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA

MANASWITA CHOUDHARY is a recent MBA graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania.


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Yerger, D., & Choudhary, M. (2019). Is it a Trump Bump, Spike, or Plateau? India’s Changing Interest in Canadian versus U.S. Universities. Journal of International Students, 9(4), 1196–1202.



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