Critical Intercultural Practice: Learning in and for a Multicultural Globalizing World


  • David Killick Leeds Beckett University



critical pedagogy, culturally relevant pedagogy, diversity, internationalization


Universities fail to offer equitable learning experiences for their diverse
students. At the same time, the value of diverse student identities and
perspectives remains largely unrealized. In a globalising higher education
context, these issues are exacerbated while the post-national university is
increasingly complicit in advancing the neoliberal project and neglecting its
potential to enable its diverse students to enhance social justice locally and
globally. Although much current practice in outcomes-based higher
education contributes to each of these processes, its underpinning theories
of learning and its design features are compatible with more expansive and
inclusive aspirations. Drawing upon critical and culturally relevant
pedagogies, this article presents principles for the development of “critical
intercultural practice” to empower all students in and for a multicultural
globalizing world.


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Author Biography

David Killick, Leeds Beckett University

DAVID KILLICK, PhD, is Emeritus Fellow at Leeds Beckett University, UK. His major research interests lie in the areas of curriculum internationalization and inclusivity in higher education. 




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Killick, D. (2018). Critical Intercultural Practice: Learning in and for a Multicultural Globalizing World. Journal of International Students, 8(3), 1422–1439.



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