Study Abroad: My Experience as an Exchange Student in China

  • Jenny Veal Arkansas State University, United States
Keywords: exchange


Studying abroad is an opportunity to grow and test one’s limits. In the interest of encouraging other students to pursue international education I would like to share my experiences and the general bits of wisdom I gained along the way. I was inspired by and chose to study abroad due to my interest in foreign languages. In my life I have always had an unwavering dream. My dream was about equality, diversity and understanding. I grew up in a small town where everyone knew each other and everybody held some kind of prejudice. While people judged others I tended to wonder about cultural differences with intrigue. This led to my interest in foreign languages and culture. I always knew that I wanted to travel and study in Asia. I believe that in order for our society to work efficiently we must understand each other and embrace our differences. 


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Author Biography

Jenny Veal, Arkansas State University, United States

Jenny Veal is an undergraduate student at Arkansas State University, pursuing a degree in international business. She has studied Chinese at Arkansas State University for three years and spent a semester abroad in China. Her interests are in international education, cross-cultural communication, and international relations. 

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