Improving Intercultural Education at Chinese Institutions from German Experience


  • Lihe Huang Tongji University, China



German, Chinese


While flying on an airplane to Germany, heading to my new appointment as a visiting scholar, I reminded myself that there would likely be some cultural differences upon embarking on this new journey. But after I began my sojourn there, I still found myself surprised by the cultural shock I was experiencing. I had taken for granted that my English education and some reading on German culture and society could provide me adequate knowledge to get along with these “Westerners”.

Author Biography

Lihe Huang, Tongji University, China

LIHE HUANG is a Humboldt Fellow of Germany-based Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, conducting research at University of Cologne and University of Bremen. Mr. Huang is also a member of several academic associations both internationally and in China. He has published over 30 peer-reviewed papers, and undertaken several research projects granted by different institutions at various levels. 




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Huang, L. (2015). Improving Intercultural Education at Chinese Institutions from German Experience. Journal of International Students, 5(2), 201–203.



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