International Students and Crime


  • Prashanti Chennamsetti Texas A&M University, United States



Knowledge about crime promotes awareness about the existence of a problem and aids in designing appropriate preventive strategies to tackle the problem. The authors promote this awareness throughout their book International Students and Crime, which investigates the phenomenon of international student crime using qualitative methodology. The authors compare data from the US, UK and Australia, and present 150 international student experiences along with opinions of industry professionals.

Author Biography

Prashanti Chennamsetti, Texas A&M University, United States

PRASHANTI CHENNAMSETTI holds a PhD in Educational Administration and Human Resources from Texas A&M University. She served as an adjunct faculty at WKU-Owensboro. She is passionate about conducting Needs Assessment using phenomenological methodology. Her research interests also include international student learning and adjustment in higher education, workplace learning, impact of positive thinking, and factors that impact employee satisfaction. She was selected as a Gallup International Positive Psychology fellow with faith in her ability to bring positive change in people’s lives, workplaces, schools, and communities




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Chennamsetti, P. (2016). International Students and Crime. Journal of International Students, 6(2), 644–646.



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