Diversity and Inclusion in Global Higher Education

Lessons from Across Asia


  • Jing Mao University of Victoria, Canada




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Amid internationalization in higher education, modern classrooms have become diversified, which provides both opportunities and challenges for educators and institutions. In response to changing trends and transformative developments in Asian higher education, the editors of Diversity and Inclusion in Global Higher Education: Lessons from Across Asia argue that classroom diversity can deepen students’ learning potential when adequately harnessed and matched with inclusive pedagogy. This edited volume of contributions provides rich insights and practical strategies for cultivating diversity and inclusion in diverse settings in Asia and beyond.

Author Biography

Jing Mao, University of Victoria, Canada

JING MAO is currently a Ph. D. candidate in the Curriculum and Instruction Department, Faculty of Education at the University of Victoria (Uvic) in Canada. Originally from China, Jing Mao has taught EFL students for eight years at the post-secondary level. Transferring between Eastern and Western higher educational systems, she devotes her research endeavours to the Internationalization of higher education, language socialization and Agency of EAL students, as well as academic writing.




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Mao, J. . (2021). Diversity and Inclusion in Global Higher Education: Lessons from Across Asia. Journal of International Students, 11(3), 761–764. https://doi.org/10.32674/jis.v11i3.3745



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