Multilingualism in the Classroom

Teaching and Learning in a Challenging Context


  • Terra Gargano American University, USA



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Terra Gargano, American University, USA

TERRA GARGANO, PhD, teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in intercultural communication, international education, and training program design. She spent time teaching English in Japan and was the Assistant Dean of Semester at Sea before serving as a faculty member at the University of Maryland and American University. Most recently she served as the Director of Online Programs in the School of International Service at American University. Her research interests reside at the intersection of culture, identity, and power in transcultural education and virtual spaces, examining the complex relationships between transnational mobility in higher education and the lived realities of academic nomads. Throughout her 20-year career in international higher education, she has managed dozens of institutional collaborations worldwide, conducted workshops for faculty at domestic and international organizations, and learned alongside her students about the ways culture impacts worldviews and resiliency.




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Gargano, T. (2021). Multilingualism in the Classroom: Teaching and Learning in a Challenging Context. Journal of International Students, 11(2), 540–542.



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