International Student Transitions

A Framework for Success


  • Muhammad Sharif Uddin Morgan State University, USA



International students., Academic Success


Andrade and James Hartshorn (2019) surrounds the transition that international students encounter when they attend universities in developed countries in pursuit of higher education. Andrade and James Hartshorn (2019) describe how some countries like Australia and the United Kingdom host more international students than the United States (U.S.) and provides some guidelines for the U.S. higher education institutions to follow to host more international students. This book contains seven chapters.

Author Biography

Muhammad Sharif Uddin, Morgan State University, USA

MUHAMMAD SHARIF UDDIN is a scholar in the Urban Educational Leadership Program at Morgan State University. He also works as a graduate research assistant and as an adjunct faculty in the Department of Teacher Education. He is a Fellow of International Leaders in Education Programs. His research interest is in critical pedagogy, teaching and learning, and curriculum and instruction


Andrade, M. S., & Hartshorn, K. J. (2019). International student transition: A framework for success. UK; Cambridge Scholars Publishing.




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Uddin, M. S. (2021). International Student Transitions: A Framework for Success. Journal of International Students, 11(2), 536–539.



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