American Community Colleges: The International Student’s Guide


  • Nara M. Martirosyan Sam Houston State University



As a former international student, I never thought of an American Community College as being a choice to start undergraduate education in the United States. This is also true for many prospective international students who explore study opportunities in the United States. American community colleges (also called 2-year colleges) offer diverse higher education opportunities with comparatively lower tuition costs. Moreover, unlike in many other foreign countries, American community colleges are often the best pathway to a bachelor’s degree through transfer agreements that exist between community colleges and 4-year institutions.

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Nara M. Martirosyan, Sam Houston State University

NARA MARTIROSYAN is an Assistant Professor of Education in the Department of Educational Leadership at Sam Houston State University, Texas, USA. She teaches graduate courses in the fully online Doctoral Program in Developmental Education Administration and in the Master’s Program in Higher Education Administration. Dr. Martirosyan has over 16 years of professional work experience in various educational settings both in Armenia and the United States. Her research interests include best practices in developmental education, factors affecting international students’ adjustment, student satisfaction, assessment of student learning outcomes, and program evaluations in higher education. 




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