Global Mission – “Glocal” Internationalization

United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) and Lehigh University


  • Angel Oi Yee Cheng Lehigh University



educational mission, strategic planning, global citizenship, internationalization at home, Lehigh University, United Nations Sustainability Development Goals


This study explores the relevance between the missions of the UNAI and the strategic planning of internationalization of Lehigh University. Lehigh University is purposefully selected due to its unique partnership with the UNAI and its role as a “Global Citizenship Hub” in 2011. Though Lehigh University actively implements internationalization plans at home and abroad, which align with the missions of the UNAI, the relevant activities strongly illustrate the hegemony of the West in terms of language, power, and discourse.


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Author Biography

Angel Oi Yee Cheng, Lehigh University

Department of Comparative and International Education, College of Education


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