"You Learn How to Experience Yourself"

A Photo-Cued Investigation of Empowerment in Student Abroad


  • Kayla M Johnson


photo-cued interviewing, student empowerment, study abroad


This paper uses photo-cued interviewing and grounded theory approaches to understand student empowerment resulting from study abroad programs. Using data from 62 students who traveled to 9 countries on several different programs, this paper highlights what student empowerment as an outcome of study abroad can look like and how student empowerment can occur during study abroad programs. Students in this study demonstrated empowerment in the form of finding strength within themselves, letting go of stress, and living in the moment. For these students, this empowerment largely occurred through facing and overcoming obstacles of various forms. This research has scholarly and practical applications for student learning, student empowerment, outcomes research, and study abroad program design.


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Johnson, K. M. (2018). "You Learn How to Experience Yourself": A Photo-Cued Investigation of Empowerment in Student Abroad. Journal of Comparative & International Higher Education, 10(Fall), 2–13. Retrieved from https://www.ojed.org/index.php/jcihe/article/view/310



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