The Impact of Short-Term Study Abroad on Online Learners


  • Jennifer Malerich Arizona State University and Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore



Even in countries with high availability of higher education, students increasingly choose online education over in-person immersion learning. As online learners begin to study abroad little is known about their motivations for, or professional and academic expectations of, the experience, nor the impact of their participation. The author hypothesizes that when compared to the traditional in-person immersion student, online study abroad students have distinct motivations and expectations due to their life experience, professional status and personal goals and also undergo greater growth in areas such as tolerance, critical thinking and global awareness. This research uses surveys, a standardized assessment tool, interviews and focus groups to incorporate both quantitative data and qualitative data in an attempt to understand the profile of the online student participating in a short-term study abroad program, their motivations and expectations, and resulting outcomes. Implications include identifying program design elements specific to the needs of online learners.


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Malerich, J. (2020). The Impact of Short-Term Study Abroad on Online Learners. Journal of Comparative & International Higher Education, 11(Winter), 145–149.



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