2023: Institutional Commitment to Global Engagement

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This book is a testimony of Spelman College’s commitment to global citizenship, documenting cross-cultural and international experiences and reflections of domestic students who studied abroad, international students’ experiences, Alumnae who studied abroad or have lived abroad and faculty and staff who have lived abroad or led students abroad. This book distinctively reveals life stories of global engagements that no one else could tell but the contributors who bring life experiences through their international visits. Through a well-curated and engaging collection of narrative stories, this book captures the richness that comes from crossing boundaries, understanding cultural differences, and embracing the knowledge that comes from encounters with disparate perspectives.


‘Dimeji R. Togunde, Ph.D. Vice Provost for Global Education & Professor of International Studies, Spelman College, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Krishna Bista, Ed.D. Professor of Higher Education, Morgan State University, Maryland, USA

Print and digital copies are available. 


Published: 2023-01-10