It Was Not Just a Stomachache!




I began writing this piece on October 03, 2021. A year ago, that day, I underwent a sudden appendix removal surgery, one of the worst nightmares for any international student in a foreign land. Similar to the present day, it was also a gloomy weekend in Athens, Georgia, United States. I was returning to classes after the midterm of the first semester in my doctoral program. After lunch and a 10-minute afternoon nap, pain erupted in my stomach. I first thought it was a new chicken brand I bought last week that is not suiting me. It has happened to me before, thanks to my sensitive body. Feeling as if a lost needle was slightly poking in the right of my abdomen, I looked for my mighty bottle of Hajmola, an Indian brand of digestive tabs, I brought from Patel Brothers some weeks ago. After popping four pupil-sized tabs, I thought the pain would subside soon. Little did I know what wreathing pain was waiting for me.


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SAURABH ANAND (from India) will join the Rhetoric and Composition Studies program housed in the Department of English at the University of Georgia from Fall 2022. His major research interests lie in TESOL, Writing Center studies, and World Englishes. Email: 



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