Study Abroad Program Development at One Historically Black College and University


  • Andrea J. Shelton
  • Alvia J. Wardlaw
  • Leamon L. Green
  • Gregory H. Maddox a:1:{s:5:"en_US";s:25:"Texas Southern University";}


In this chapter, we describe the development of a study abroad program at Texas Southern University (TSU) that started  20 years ago. Study abroad programs are one outlet to enhance internationalization at HBCUs by exposing minority students, specifically African Americans, to the history and culture of countries outside the United States.  Pioneered in 1997, the study abroad program at TSU is co-sponsored with the University of Dar es Salaam, in Tanzania, East Africa. The success of this program created momentum among both faculty and students that led to a rapid expansion of international study opportunities on campus and the institutionalization of support for study abroad programs.  The experience enriches the education at TSU, an urban HBCU institution, with an enrollment primarily of minority, nontraditional, commuter students. The overview may serve as a template or model for other HBCUs with similar demographics.


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Author Biographies

Andrea J. Shelton

Andrea J. Shelton is a Professor in the Department of Health Sciences, in the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (COPHS) at Texas Southern University (TSU). Dr. Shelton teaches an undergraduate global health course and coordinates a study abroad program with a health focus to the Caribbean islands of St. Lucia, St. Kitts and Nevis. Dr. Shelton has also traveled with study abroad students to Tanzania and China. 


Alvia J. Wardlaw

Alvia J. Wardlaw is the Director/Curator of the University Museum at Texas Southern University and Professor of Art History in the Department of Visual and Performing Arts at Texas Southern University. Dr. Wardlaw was a participant in the first Fulbright African Curriculum for American Educators workshop in Liberia.  Dr Wardlaw has traveled with and taught students in both Tanzania and France on numerous occasions and remains an active supporter of the TSU Tanzania Study Abroad Program and the TSU Paris Noir Program.


Leamon L. Green

Leamon L. Green is an Associate Professor and Interim Chair of the Department of Visual and Performing Arts at Texas Southern University. Professor Green is a visual artist who was a Fulbright Scholar in the Department of Creative Arts at the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. Mr. Green has traveled and taught students as part of the TSU Tanzania Study Abroad Program for a number of years.