Upcoming book--Navigating the “American Dream”: A Comprehensive Survival Guide for International Students


Navigating the “American Dream”: A Comprehensive Survival Guide for International Students

Summary: The goal of this comprehensive guide is to facilitate the academic success of international students pursuing higher education in the United States by providing essential information and resources to navigate the complexities of both academic and social aspects of their lives. It covers crucial topics and facets at all academic levels and stages, from pre-arrival to post-graduation, offering practical guidance on issues such as race, culture, language learning, employment, health, and social life. Additionally, this guidebook promotes the successful adaptation of international students and their overall health by addressing their daily challenges and social-emotional needs. Each chapter is dedicated to one phase of academic life, ensuring that students have access to the information they need to thrive both on and off campus. This book is a comprehensive guide that not only provides essential information and resources for international students as they embark on their journey of pursuing higher education in the United States, but also offers guidance on selecting universities, finding resources and support on campus, communicating with faculty and staff, and succeeding academically and socially. This guidebook adds to the current literature by providing critical insights into preparing for and navigating a new environment, thereby disrupting negative narratives surrounding international students' success abroad. Moreover, it fosters a sense of belonging for international students, encouraging them to engage academically, socially, and culturally amidst the intricacies of academic and social life in the United States.

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